Air Quality Monitoring for Schools

It’s a known fact that children are more vulnerable towards catching
various diseases, mainly because of their developing immune systems.

To make schools safer and healthier Monitor Air Quality on a real-time basis to mitigate the pollution risk for students and staff

Children breathe twice as quickly as adults, and take in more air relative to their body weight. Their respiratory tracks are more permeable and thus more vulnerable. Their immune systems are weaker and their brains are still developing.

Impact Of Air Pollution On Children

  • Stunted lung growth
  • Reduced lung function
  • Increased Risk of developing Asthma
  • Acute respiratory infections
  • Impaired mental and motor development
  • Behavioral disorders
  • Impacted Learning pace
  • Childhood obesity
  • Impact on height
  • Lowered physical activity
  • Increased risk of heart disease and diabetes in childhood.

Each person exhales 8 liters of air per minute and since viruses spread through air, higher CO2 level in a room means higher chance of transmission from an infected person inside the room.

Our Soultion

Start monitoring before taking any action.

Our product makes lives easier by capturing levels of air pollutants and offering easy dashboards to enable action.
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